Monday, March 10, 2008


College is the first time in my life that I wish there were more hours in the day. The solution is probably sleeping less, but I don't know if that's going to work, less sleep means I have less energy, which makes it a lateral step in the long run. Monday and Wednesday I have class from 9:30-11:30, and then I volunteer at Holcomb until 12:20, and have class again at 3:30. Rugby starts for real after spring break, so that'll be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5-7, with tournaments taking up all of most Saturdays. Tuesday/Thursday I have class from 9:55-11:10, and then again at 2:10-3:30. Friday I'm done with everything, classes and volunteering, by 12:30. I was hoping to start volunteering at Teresa House this semester, but they aren't getting back to me. I'll have to look into that after break, but that'll be another four hours a week that's accounted for. I usually go to the gym for an hour in the afternoon, but that will change when I have almost everyday practices. I wish I had a car and knew how to drive. That would really open up job opportunities, which are pretty limited on campus. I saw a job milking cows, that might be fun, but I couldn't get there. I don't even have my bike here. I really really don't want to work in the dining hall, even being in there for the time it takes you to eat results in the CAS food smell lingering in your clothes and hair for ages. I don't even know if I'm hire-able, I don't have experience, and it's midway through the semester. So I don't have time, and I probably couldn't get a job even if I did. Perfect.
I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not sitting on my hands out here. I really am busy, and stressed, and calling me at ten right during midterms to chew me out seems a little unfair, at least to me, in my current sleep-deprived state. Not that fairness matters or counts for anything, just as an observation. This was in my head just now, I wonder why. There was also just an episode of "Degrassi" where Marco considers whoring himself out in order to pay for his going out. I don't have that kind of expenses though, and I don't know anyone that's willing to pay. So I guess I'm spared. I feel like Rose in I Capture the Castle, you can't go on the streets in Geneseo.


lily said...

geez Caroline, what has that stage musicals course done to you?!

Emily said...

Tian a, CLA, you *are* busy! I feel for you - I bought a whiteboard calendar at Target today and looking at my deadlines over the next month and a half makes me wish I could be put in a chemically induced coma so the world could carry on without me for a bit. Oh the papers that need writing! Why am I taking 4 classes?!

Greg said...

Rugby League season kicks of Friday, for me, and I bought a membership with the Rabbitohs, meaning that at least every other weekend I'll be going to Olympic Park to attend a game, either Friday or Saturday, and, later in the season, twice every other week or so, as they also play Monday nights. What with moving house in the next month and trying to change jobs and working, I think I can say, it isn't going to get much easier if you're going to continue doing things you enjoy, but that's no reason to stop.