Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mandolin Sliced Rat Brains

I really really want it to be summer. I'm toiling in the law office o'fun for about a month before I go abroad, and then for another month after I come back, but I just love summer. There's the farmers' market, and Shakespeare in the Park, and it's warm and sunny, and it's one of my favorite seasons. It always feels like something exciting could happen in the summer. Something exciting is happening, I'm going to Amsterdam, but I mean little exciting things too.
On a side note, today is going really well. I thought I slept through my first class, but it was canceled. The universe is looking out for me, possibly because I have near-perfect attendance. I've only missed one class this semester, and snowboarding trumps abnormal psych.


Greg said...

Funny, but I really want it to be winter. Wanna trade?

lily said...

anytime, uncle greg. I can't wait for summer either.