Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Swanky Summer Camps for Caroline

I didn't get the job at Camp North Star. It's disappointing, I thought I would be hired and then I could stop worrying about summer plans and live in the now where boys ask for my number and then don't call and I forget to do two-page reviews of "Show Boat" until the night before. So my present and future both suck. *Gazes into past* Nope, no relief there. *Sigh*

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reading the Paper

One of my favorite things about being at school is that I can get a free New York Times every weekday. I like different special sections, my favorites being the Sunday magazine section that inevitably gets stolen from the library before I get to it, the food section, and the science section. Really though, I enjoy talking about the articles almost more than reading them. I always find something that someone I know would find interesting, and I like casually bringing it into conversation, or alternatively, excitedly blurting it out the next time I see the person. "Clarence! the cover story for the food section made me think of you! It's all about big parties of men eating beef and drinking beer!" This never elicits the response I want, which would either be having the person ask me to summarize or send them the article, or for them to exclaim in wonder at my intellectual-ness, reading the paper every day. Not that I'm able to, most people here could read the paper if they had to, but that I seek out knowledge even outside the classroom. They should at least submit to my conversation leads, but no, they would rather sit in silence than hear about the great article on online dating site's secret algorithms I just read. Their loss I guess.
The article on beefsteaks was a good one, it made me hungry, which the food section is usually good for. We don't have very much red meat here, and when we do it's cooked until it's dry and shoe leather-y. There was also a good sounding pie recipe, but I can't see myself baking a pie in the dorm kitchenette. It's a shame, I'd like to bring something to the Outing Club dinner on Friday, but I guess I'll just give money.
I went to the gym with girls rugby least night. It was fun, but I felt sort of awkward, not really knowing what to do at the gym. I sort of followed Alex around bleating pathetically, asking her how to work various weight-lifting mechanisms. I think I got the hang of it though, and I'm going again tonight. It seems like a good habit to get into, especially when you take into consideration how many extremely muscle-bound guys there are at the gym. Some of them have gone overboard and no longer have necks, but some are still human looking and attractive.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I am taking a class on stage musicals this semester, and while it is filled with stage people that are obsessed with "Phantom of the Opera", it is also fun. The first day of class I was shocked by the sight of our TA, who was sporting a mustache that would make Wyatt Earp proud. I assumed he was just A Character, he was also wearing a vest and at least five clunky silver rings, but the professor told us he was playing John Wilkes Booth in a campus production of the Sondheim musical ASSASSINS. Since we have to attend a certain number of live performances for the class, and we go to Geneseo and there is nothing better to do on a Friday night, Clarence and I decided to check it out. I had low expectations, but live theater is fun. The show was in the blackbox theater, which closely resembles the Irish Classical Theater in Buffalo, it's small and intimate, and since we got there late we were in the front row. Since the show doesn't have any sort of solid plot, I've been having a hard time describing it to people who want to know what it was about, but I still enjoyed it. I had only heard of two of the assassins, Squeaky Fromme and of course John Wilkes Booth, but the program gave a short history of every character. They weren't made to seem heroic, they were all clearly crazy, but I liked Leon Czolgosz because he was handsome and had a Polish accent, and I felt sorry for Giuseppe Zangara because he was so unhappy and had a permanent stomach ache. That would really suck. I liked the songs, and I was excited that I could find them on Ruckus. Overall it was a good time, but I hated the constant shooting of the stage guns, I jumped every time. They did a great job though, and the a capella/comedy group NARD was in it, so that was great. Plus, I saw my TA in the dining hall today and he still had his mustache. Personally, I hope he keeps it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Day of Class

Today should've been great. All the elements for greatness were there, I love my classes, I joined a club, applied for a job, made alternative spring break plans, but I'm sad. I'm sad about Heath Ledger, I liked him a whole lot. I liked the idea of him and Michelle Williams and their baby living in Brooklyn. I loved "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Brokeback Mountain". I'm sad he's dead. It isn't just that though. I'm applying to Vassar with very little support from my friends, and I don't expect to get in. I still want to go there though, so I'm really giving it my best shot. Today though, we were talking about housing next year, and I asked what they would do if I transferred. If we got a townhouse and I left they'd lose it and be stuck in corridor style, resenting me. They told me, not unkindly, but plainly, that if I though I was going to leave then I shouldn't go into this with them. Honestly, if I get into Vassar I'll probably go, but I don't want to withdraw from housing plans because I MIGHT not be here next year. What if I don't get in? I know it isn't fair to expect my friends to risk their housing, but if I don't get in and I didn't throw my lot in with them then what will I do? I'll be rejected and living with a stranger. All in all, I'm anxious, which is a sad end for what could've been a really happy day.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back to School

I am back at Geneseo and (finally) unpacked. I never realized how much STUFF i have, it's sort of embarrassing. It's worth it though, I'm very happy with the way my room looks. It's a little busy, but I like it.
V. isn't moving in until Monday, so I have a single for the weekend. I like the privacy, but I'm a little lonely. My friends aren't around, so I'm going to watch "Bridget Jones" and start reading for my classes.
It's good to be back.