Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finishing my Flex Points

My meal plan came with $150 for the vending machines, which at the start of the semester seemed insane. Who could possibly spend that much on vending machines? As the semester wore on I did spend a decent amount, pop tarts were my only breakfast option when we had home games, and while I know that bottles of water are wasteful, the tap water here tastes like iron. I didn't use all of my money though, not even close, and as the semester drew to a close I realized that I had better get spending (They don't roll over any leftover money, it's just gone.). I had been intrigued by the condoms in the vending machine all semester. They come in a flat, white, rectangular box plainly labeled "Condoms" and if nothing else I wanted the box. They were also the most expensive thing in the machine, so that was good. I opened the box, and to my delight they come in a variety of cheerful colors! CWB bought a lot of condoms too, but refused to trade them like POGS the way I wanted to. The whole flex points system seems very wasteful to me, but it was undeniably fun finishing my card. I had $.40 left though, so I guess Geneseo wins.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I think it's cruel and unusual to give me a new roommate during finals. Just in case my brain wasn't imploding with stress, they needed to throw that sweetener into the deal.

Friday, December 7, 2007


The bad thing about not being able to open my mailbox 90% of the time is that I don't get important stuff in time to do anything about it. The good thing is that all my mail piles up. I actually got into my box today, and I had a TON of mail! Junk mail, Christmas cards AND Halloween cards, tuition bills from October, and GLOVES! I was so excited about getting gloves I made a bunch of snowballs, laughing at nature's new inability to make my hands cold.
The stupid date party is tonight. Big Tree even shaved, he got a haircut. They're cleaning the house! C.L. is taking D.S, and I'm being very excited for them and not at all a dog in the manger. I honestly think I'll have more fun sledding on dining hall trays and hanging out with N. than I would if I went, especially if I went with The Marine. Ew.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Losing the Perfect Roommate

L. is perfect. I've loved living in Steuben with her. She's really funny and nice, she introduced me to her friends in the hall and even invites me to hang out with them sometimes. We like the same music and tv shows, she even reads The Superficial and isn't annoyed by my really obnoxious ringtone. She is a gem. I'm so sad that she's going abroad next semester. She made me feel more at home in this room in a couple of weeks than I did for most of the semester when I lived with F.N. and N. in Jones. It'll be up to me to make the room homey after she leaves, cuz a lot of the nice touches, the rug, the curtains, are going with her. It's been really fun though, and I feel like she taught me some important lessons so that roommate #4 will be less likely to hate me. Friendliness seems to be key, who would've guessed? I wish L. was staying.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snowy Day

I'm a terrible judge, but we have what looks like almost a foot of snow. It's very pretty, though it means my jeans are always soaked to the knee, and because I don't have gloves here my knuckles turn blue when I go outside, making it look like I've been punching people. It actually feels a little fake, I don't feel like I've been here long enough for it to snow. I didn't have any class this morning, so I'm pretending it's a snow day until two when I have class. I'm going to devote my time to working on papers, but maybe the illusion of a holiday will make it go easier.
In other news, Friday is the boy's rugby team's date party. I heard about it from a rugby wife that is going, and it completely depressed me. The guys will flirt with me when I'm there, but they don't think about me afterwards at all. I don't even want to go, but the idea that none of the guys asked me was sort of sad. Then, this morning when I checked my facebook, I had a message from The Marine, asking me to the party. If watching "A Clockwork Orange" last night hadn't completely cheered me up, this would have. Now I can feel ok about not going because I was asked and declined. I love the way things work out.