Friday, December 7, 2007


The bad thing about not being able to open my mailbox 90% of the time is that I don't get important stuff in time to do anything about it. The good thing is that all my mail piles up. I actually got into my box today, and I had a TON of mail! Junk mail, Christmas cards AND Halloween cards, tuition bills from October, and GLOVES! I was so excited about getting gloves I made a bunch of snowballs, laughing at nature's new inability to make my hands cold.
The stupid date party is tonight. Big Tree even shaved, he got a haircut. They're cleaning the house! C.L. is taking D.S, and I'm being very excited for them and not at all a dog in the manger. I honestly think I'll have more fun sledding on dining hall trays and hanging out with N. than I would if I went, especially if I went with The Marine. Ew.

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