Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finishing my Flex Points

My meal plan came with $150 for the vending machines, which at the start of the semester seemed insane. Who could possibly spend that much on vending machines? As the semester wore on I did spend a decent amount, pop tarts were my only breakfast option when we had home games, and while I know that bottles of water are wasteful, the tap water here tastes like iron. I didn't use all of my money though, not even close, and as the semester drew to a close I realized that I had better get spending (They don't roll over any leftover money, it's just gone.). I had been intrigued by the condoms in the vending machine all semester. They come in a flat, white, rectangular box plainly labeled "Condoms" and if nothing else I wanted the box. They were also the most expensive thing in the machine, so that was good. I opened the box, and to my delight they come in a variety of cheerful colors! CWB bought a lot of condoms too, but refused to trade them like POGS the way I wanted to. The whole flex points system seems very wasteful to me, but it was undeniably fun finishing my card. I had $.40 left though, so I guess Geneseo wins.


Emily said...

Dude, your grandparents read this, you know.

Bill said...

When I was at school condoms were sold from behind the counter at the drugstore (they had a drugstore then). If your RA was cool, you could get them from him (no, never her), but mostly people had to walk into the RiteAide and ask for whatever brand they wanted. It was a more repressed time, but since I have never been abashed at anything I was frequently asked to do this for my more bashful friends. It always seemed funny to me that they were too shy to buy condoms, but not so shy that they weren't having sex.

TCA said...

Pay no attention to that older sib. Post away. I have great faith in your good, common sense.

And ask your Dad to tell you what I tried to say in a comment that didn't work earlier.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping Greg here forever to teach me how to do this stuff.