Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back to School

I am back at Geneseo and (finally) unpacked. I never realized how much STUFF i have, it's sort of embarrassing. It's worth it though, I'm very happy with the way my room looks. It's a little busy, but I like it.
V. isn't moving in until Monday, so I have a single for the weekend. I like the privacy, but I'm a little lonely. My friends aren't around, so I'm going to watch "Bridget Jones" and start reading for my classes.
It's good to be back.


lily said...

dude, did you know what your blog name is a euphemism for? that's like the only worthwhile thing I learned in health this year.

Caroline said...

yeah i know. i don't even live in jones now though, so it's referring exclusively to my longing for a "fix".

Andrea said...

Your room looks great! And so cozy!

TCA said...

I like the way your room looks, too. Grandpa likes the poster.