Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Day of Class

Today should've been great. All the elements for greatness were there, I love my classes, I joined a club, applied for a job, made alternative spring break plans, but I'm sad. I'm sad about Heath Ledger, I liked him a whole lot. I liked the idea of him and Michelle Williams and their baby living in Brooklyn. I loved "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Brokeback Mountain". I'm sad he's dead. It isn't just that though. I'm applying to Vassar with very little support from my friends, and I don't expect to get in. I still want to go there though, so I'm really giving it my best shot. Today though, we were talking about housing next year, and I asked what they would do if I transferred. If we got a townhouse and I left they'd lose it and be stuck in corridor style, resenting me. They told me, not unkindly, but plainly, that if I though I was going to leave then I shouldn't go into this with them. Honestly, if I get into Vassar I'll probably go, but I don't want to withdraw from housing plans because I MIGHT not be here next year. What if I don't get in? I know it isn't fair to expect my friends to risk their housing, but if I don't get in and I didn't throw my lot in with them then what will I do? I'll be rejected and living with a stranger. All in all, I'm anxious, which is a sad end for what could've been a really happy day.


Andrea said...

I am sorry that your friends are so unsupportive. At least you can rely on your family, who says apply to Vassar, apply for housing with your friends and things will work out.

Greg said...

Yeah, it's sad about Heath. He was really just starting to do interesting work.

I understand your friends' p.o.v., but if you're accepted, it's not likely to happen without leaving time for them to find an alternative. I know: start a Facebook group - "who should be Caroline if Caroline goes to Vassar?"

lily said...

i don't think that would be a good Facebook group, and I also don't think your friends are being particularly understanding. I have faith in you, Tux. um, I mean Caroline. The faith is there, the ability to express it is not. sorry. :)

Emily said...

It's always a weird feeling when a famous person dies, isn't it? It's like, aw, Heath Ledger, that's so sad! But really we're probably sad about Ennis and the 10 Things guy being dead, but they're fictional, so that's not quite right, and then if you're me you also feel guilty for not feeling sad about the 40,000 men and women every day who *weren't* famous and for whom you *don't* feel sad. It's all very confusing and depressing.

TCA said...

I think your friends are not being fair to you. They will not have aproblem getting a sub for you if the Vassar plan works out. Real friends are supportive of each other.

And...of COURSE Vassar is going to accept you. I'm not so thrilled that you still want to go there but if it's your heart's desire then you really must follow up.

Heath Ledger was, indeed, very good at his work but the mystery of his death is what will make him a Legend.