Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Swanky Summer Camps for Caroline

I didn't get the job at Camp North Star. It's disappointing, I thought I would be hired and then I could stop worrying about summer plans and live in the now where boys ask for my number and then don't call and I forget to do two-page reviews of "Show Boat" until the night before. So my present and future both suck. *Gazes into past* Nope, no relief there. *Sigh*


Andrea said...

Well, maybe just not at that particular swanky camp. Sorry, kiddo. Hang in there!

Emily said...

Is this Lord Licorice we're talking about here? Because, uh, no great loss from what I can tell.

Though as someone who was hoping for a call from a snake-handler last night, maybe I shouldn't be hating.

Andrea said...

religious or carney type?

Caroline said...

no, though LL hasn't called either. I was hoping for a call from yet another rugger. a nice one. that i want for his mind and body. and who no longer seems to want me for either. yet another example of Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places. the story of my life.

TCA said...

Let's get back to musical Plays, shall we?

What did you think of "Showboat"?

I thought "Assassins" was a bizarre topic for a musical but then, I'm from the era when the genre was invented. I've never wanted to see "Sweeney Todd" either.
My parents saw the original "Oklahoma" and Grandpa and I saw the original "My Fair Lady". Want to know the names of a couple of big Broadway Smash hit musicals I did see...and hated? "Ten" was one. :Evita" was another.
So, how are you liking the course so far? Learning anything?