Monday, February 4, 2008

I Feel Like Mr. Luxury

I had a great weekend, but square dancing and indoor rugby practice turned out to be too much for my feet, and I now have a really attractive black toe. Seriously, I look like I've been exploring the Arctic, and it's extremely painful. Was it worth it? Yes, but I'll be mighty sad if the nail falls off, especially with Winterfest (an outdoor rugby tournament) this weekend. The boys' team isn't going, their captain is too ashamed that they didn't stay fit over the break, but our last season beat any sense of shame out of the girls' team, so we get to play.
Alternative Spring Break may not be in the cards, the people wouldn't take our money on Friday, and now there are only five spots left and the leader won't return my calls. I'm pretty annoyed, but if it doesn't work out we'll all just go camping. Nicole's dad is an outdoor buff, and he said he could loan us gear. It sounds fun, but I'm still pulling for Kentucky. Those five spots are still fair game.

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Andrea said...

I guess this answers the question of when is stalking appropriate. Camp outside their doors!