Sunday, February 24, 2008


My friends and I went to a party Friday night and it was pretty beat, so we decided not to go out last night. Instead, we went to the new Applebees and then to the movies. I couldn't remember ever going to Applebees before, but it wasn't the dining hall, so that was great. It's decently cheap, and you get a ton of food, but the service is terrible (no one in Geneseo has any experience working in restaurants because there aren't any). After dinner we went to see "Juno" which I still hadn't seen. I really expected to like it, but...I didn't dislike it, but it was sad. It was also funny, I laughed out loud a couple of times, but it sort of brought me down. And made me want a baby. Child Development also makes me want a baby, so I feel like it's coming at me from all sides.
This upcoming week is going to suck, but next weekend is going to be amazing. I'm square dancing and snowboarding. It should be pretty sweet.
I don't think things are going to work out with Goose. We can still be friends, and he said he'd go to the girls rugby formal with me, but I want more than he's offering. Which isn't to say he's being mean or unfair, we just seem to want different things. I'm ok with being just friends, I'm super comfortable with him, it could be a Big Tree-esque sort of situation.


TCA said...

Snowboarding and square dancing could be complicated if you had a baby. Hard to do either with a baby strapped to ya.

Good to have friends who are boys without complications.

Emily said...

Oh man I totally want a baby too. Tenure is *how* many years away?!

lily said...

I LOVE Juno!!!!!!!!!!!
*clears throat awkwardly* I don't want a baby. At all. This isn't an issue though, because Emily has forbidden me to procreate. Thanks.