Thursday, December 6, 2007

Losing the Perfect Roommate

L. is perfect. I've loved living in Steuben with her. She's really funny and nice, she introduced me to her friends in the hall and even invites me to hang out with them sometimes. We like the same music and tv shows, she even reads The Superficial and isn't annoyed by my really obnoxious ringtone. She is a gem. I'm so sad that she's going abroad next semester. She made me feel more at home in this room in a couple of weeks than I did for most of the semester when I lived with F.N. and N. in Jones. It'll be up to me to make the room homey after she leaves, cuz a lot of the nice touches, the rug, the curtains, are going with her. It's been really fun though, and I feel like she taught me some important lessons so that roommate #4 will be less likely to hate me. Friendliness seems to be key, who would've guessed? I wish L. was staying.

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Greg said...

What alternative housing arrangements are available next year? You could conceivably arrange over the summer to room together elsewhere, although you might be the one who has to do all the legwork.