Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Highly Lame Weekend

Last week was a total drag, I had a lot of midterm work, and tackling practices in the squash courts are extremely unfun. My knees, wrists and ankles are all bruised. I had high hopes for the weekend however, I thought it would be a good one, with square dancing and parties. Friday came around though, and I didn't want to go out. I was tired. I almost fell asleep at dinner I was so tired. Chelsea and I had planned on going out, but I just wasn't up to it. I went to bed at ten. A weak Friday isn't the end of the world, but I woke up sick on Saturday. It felt a lot like strep, and I fumed about Health Services being closed on the weekends, then spent the day in my pajamas, sleeping and watching online netflix. Saturday night was supposed to be a blast, starting with square dancing, then going to a 90s pop star party, and then to a frat, but that just wasn't in the cards. I got as far as the Union, (I wanted to see Max playing with the string band, but he isn't a fiddle player, so he was in the back and I couldn't see him from the door, and I didn't want to pay to go in just to see him.) but I felt too rotten to dance, so I just went back to my room. My friends all went out and had crazy drunken shenanigans, I stayed in and did laundry. I also watched "Happenstance" which was really good. I like Audrey Tautou, she reminds me of Little Aunt Grace. Saturday night isn't a great time to do laundry, all the shut-ins assume it would be, and then there aren't any free dryers. I was up pretty late folding and whatnot, and then a friend came by and needed comforting, so I ended up staying up pretty late. Goose may not be perfect, he pulls me through knots and goes home all the time for work, and I said I was giving up and not caring, and we were just going to be friends, but I can't do that, but at least he isn't as bad as Friend X's boy. After an hour of listening to her story I wanted to kill this boy, he's so horrible, and there isn't any reason for it, but I also wanted to call Goose and thank him for not being a creep and tell him he can leave me twisting all he wants, he's still better than this other guy, and I'm lucky to have whatever lame not-anything thing we have. At least I'm not being tortured. My situation is frustrating, but not actively painful.
I wanted to go to the Genesee Abbey today with Outing Club, but I missed practice, and one of the captains was going and I didn't want a lecture about how if I'm too sick for rugby then I'm too sick for outings. I don't have much work though, because I had so many tests last week, so I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I guess I'll work on my Geneseo Honors essay, but that hardly seems like a fun conclusion to a weekend.


Emily said...

Poor kid, your weekend sucked. At least you had online Netflix.

lily said...

Audrey Tatou is incredibly adorable, I will not argue.

TCA said...

And it turns out that "Airborne" doesn't prevent anything. So, tea with honey and lemon, chicken soup and lots of sleep are the answer to being sick. Sorry you missed the fun stuff but there WILL be more!