Monday, March 31, 2008

I Guess I'm a Geneseo Gal

Dear Caroline,

I talked with Vassar Admissions today and learned that we will
probably not be taking any transfer students this year! They don't
know for sure yet but we have had a record number of applicants and
that usually means all the places will be taken.

I hope that you can get to a school that you enjoy and I wish you
only the very best for the future.



Greg said...

Nothing wrong with that. Clearly it's not a question of qualifications. Is there time to try another Ivy option?

Emily said...

Uncle Greg is right, but that's still a shame. I'm sorry, kid. Call me if you want to talk.

lily said...

I'm sorry, Caroline.

TCA said...

They didn't say they don't want you. They said there is no room for this coming year. So go for the following year if you still want to by then. Persistence is much admired everywhere.