Sunday, March 16, 2008


So far the trip has been good. We've eaten at Clarence's restaurant twice, brunch yesterday and dinner today, we've gone to Central Park and horsed around (there's a video of me and Clarence wrestling floating around somewhere), and today we went to Mass and MoMA. I'm not really a fan of modern art as a rule, I like pictures that are really lifelike and detailed, like "The Marvelous Sauce", but I like MoMA, especially on a Sunday afternoon, when 90% of the visitors are not speaking English. It's good for people watching. We wandered for a few hours, and then collapsed on one of the giant bench/couch/mattress things. We were resting, head to head, and people started taking our pictures! It was crazy, at least five people took our picture, and some people came right up close. One woman was very nice, she took a series of pictures from a variety of angles, and gave me her card. She's a photographer, and she even asked for my email and said she'd send me the pictures if they turn out ok. The guy next to me was creepy though, he took several pictures of me, just me, not my friends, and he got up very close. It was awkward, especially because I do not like having my picture taken.
Everyone I told I was going to New York for break assumed I would be going clubbing, but we've been back in Queens every night by ten. We were only out that late because Clarence kept feeding us, we're all stuffed. I had the roasted chicken, which was every bit as good as I remembered it being when Mum ordered it. I also had the apple pie, and we all shared two orders of the air-baked fries. It was insane, even after not eating all day.
We're sleeping in tomorrow and I'm very excited. We've been getting up at eight, which is earlier than I wake up at school.


Andrea said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. You should check out McSorley's for St Pat's

or try these for St. Joseph's Day:

Or, even better, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and down Court Street to Monteleone's bakery [just past Union Street].

Andrea said...

Emily said...

That's funny; I like modern and contemporary art, and the Marvelous Sauce is one of my few exceptions. Also I thought there was a dog in that picture; am I misremembering?

lily said...

I think so.Personally, I enjoy both kinds of art, but esp. romantic period.