Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Far So Good

Things have been going really well this trip. We've been getting along and seeing a lot of sights, and just having a grand old time. Yesterday we went to the seaport and got cheap tickets to see "A Chorus Line", (Cheap being a relative term. I wasn't crazy about spending $60, but I haven't spent very much money this trip. We've only paid for food once, and it was dessert in Little Italy. That isn't bad, we're really being very economical.) and then went to the Met. It was cool, they were shooting an episode of "Gossip Girl" out front. We didn't stay as long as we would have liked, Nicole's dad wanted to take us to dinner, so we had to be back in Queens by 5, which meant leaving at like 4. We saw the costumes exhibit though, and some American and Egyptian stuff.
We're going to see the matinée show of "A Chorus Line" later, and then we'll probably hook up with Clarence and Grace for dinner at Clarence's restaurant. And that'll be it. We go home tomorrow, and I'm super excited to see everyone. Nicole's dad's cats are nice, but clawed, and not fully comfortable with me, and there's something abut being around a friend's parents that makes you appreciate your own. It's been a fun trip though.

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lily said...

Oh, you must be joking. Life is so unfair. Have a good time, anyway- even though you know how it ends.