Friday, March 7, 2008

Gray Sky Eyes

Today is the sort of day that is perfect for a long walk with your iPod, followed by a nap. It's chilly but not cold, and the air has a nice dampness that is what I imagine Ireland is like.
Clarence and I were horsing around in the basement of the library last night, half watching "Cabaret" and now I have finger print bruises on my wrist. Added on top of my rugby bruises, I look battered. He didn't mean to squeeze me that hard, he was very apologetic when I showed him the bruises. I gave as good as I got, he was tied hand to foot while I seven tortures tickled him.
I'm reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns". It's very good, but maybe not as good as "The Kite Runner". I do enjoy having something to read though, it's a nice break from my complusive journaling.
The Womens' Rugby Date Party is tomorrow night. I can't decide if I'm excited or apathetic, but I hope it's a fun time. I don't see why it shouldn't be, it's an evening of dressing up and hanging out with my friends. And Goose. So there you go. I don't want to wear a dress, I feel very self-conscious, but the dainty-ness bar is pretty low for girls rugby, so I shouldn't worry.

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Andrea said...

Remember the best times happen when you aren't expecting anything in particular. Just enjoy the moment and have a great weekend!