Saturday, September 1, 2007

Long Weekend

I got to thinking as I wandered around the empty campus, lonely as a cloud, I'm not a country girl. I don't like living in a place that smells like cows. Not a vague whiff now and then, not a subtle hint of cow, it smells like a cow is following me around campus. I need to be around people. Lots of people. I don't need to know them, just having busy, productive people around motivates me. I need more of a town than just one tiny stretch of main street. This isn't working out. If I was at Barnard I wouldn't care about being alone over the long weekend. There's stuff to do in the city. Even just walking around in the city is more interesting than walking around here. There's nothing here. This long weekend is a sign. I don't have any homework really, I only just started class and we haven't really gotten started yet, but I'm going to study all weekend. I'm going to get straight A's and I'm going to get involved and I'm going to apply for a transfer and get the hell out of here. It's 12 in the afternoon on a college campus and the only sound is crickets.


TCA said...

So, where ARE these cows? If all the students are from LI, it can't be them. there isn't a cow for miles and miles on LI.

Now me, I went to an AG and Tech college where the cows really were all around us but I loved it.

Incidentally, my 3 best friends from my time at that school were tripled. My own roommate was a disaster and these 3 girls "adopted " me. They elected to stay together and we are still very close. In fact, we are having a little reunion, just before Thanksgiving, as we have for several years now, in Boca Raton, Florida where onr of us lives.

Hang in there. Give everybody there a chance. Things have a way of working out surprisingly well.

DarleneG74 said...

Chin up, Caroline! The first days are the hardest. Things will get easier.

TCA said...

WJA wants you to know that, at least in THE city for the Labor Day weekend, the streets are empty, the stores are closed and, since garbage pickup is always suspended, it smells alot worse than cows.

Greg said...

At least Geneseo isn't built in a swamp. Brockport is, so walks beyond campus frequently turned into muddy disasters, unless I followed the train lines, which wasn't terribly dangerous, since, luckily, the line through campus was actually an industrial spur. I did step on a gopher once, which scared the hell out of me, and the gopher, but that's about all I ever found that was particularly interesting.

Anyway, you're there to study, young lady, so knuckle down to those books. Or other ones. That was the most fun I had on campus - exploring the library.