Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This woudn't be an issue at Smith

I only think about boys. Geneseo is like 70% women, but it still seems like the place is crawling with boys, and it's very distracting. In class, at meals, at practice, I need blinders like a racehorse. It's fun, but it's exhausting, I actually have to make some small effort to not look like a slob.
So the whole pedometer experiment was pretty pointless. I wore it all week, but i guess I didn't wear it in the right place. When I got my activity report there were entire days where I didn't take a single step. I guess those were the days that I just chilled on the floor, not even getting up to eat or go to the bathroom. Plus, they weighed us, and so now I'm boring everyone with my body issues.
I'm doing a load of wash right now that is just two pairs of rugby socks. That sobbing sound you're hearing? That's Al Gore.

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Greg said...

Sure, it'd still be an issue; they'd just be town boys.