Friday, September 28, 2007

They've stopped de-tripling

Just kill me now. I was thinking last night that there are four S's that roommates should always respect: Studying, Sleeping, Sickness and Sex. These are the times when they need to be extra respectful and recognize that it's not just their room. For example, if someone is, oh I don't know, IN BED WITH THE LIGHTS OFF AT MIDNIGHT ON A THURSDAY maybe they're trying to sleep and you shouldn't go around slamming the door every two seconds. Maybe you should get what you need from the room in one, quiet, considerate trip, and then quit being so loud and obnoxious. Maybe.
I know I'm not perfect, but I always respect theses S's. I also offer to take their garbage to the trash room if I'm going, I share my newspapers, and I don't eat brownies on their beds, dropping crumbs all over the sheets. Weird right? I'm never on their beds. My friends are never on their beds. I play This American Life kind of often, but not the same episode, and they're always watching tv, so we're even on the sound pollution score. *Grinds teeth*


Emily said...

If they've stopped de-tripling and you're stuck here for the long run, maybe it would be a good idea to have a little roommates' conference to discuss these issues. If you just grind your teeth and stew, eventually you'll have a meltdown.

Bill said...

Emotional honesty is all very well, but I would go with keeping it bottled up.There's also the idea of swapping, maybe. Is there someone that they'd consider moving in as a third that you could trade with?