Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dreary Saturday

Weekends are the worst in college. The campus feels so empty, and the days are so long. Even nice moments, like running into friends for breakfast and having iced hot chocolate don't feel as nice as I had hoped they would. I based my idea of what college would be like on what I thought Emily's college life was, which was based on her blog. I don't know if Smith is nicer than Geneseo or Emily is just a good writer, but I'm never really happy here. I'm rarely unhappy, but I hate this numbness. I'm trying to fill my time with studying. My classes aren't terribly challenging, but I hope that just translates to a lot of A's.
The entire campus feels grimy, like the combined sweat and breath of every person on campus has condensed all over every surface. Even showering makes me feel dirty. Sitting at my desk, eating raisin bread, listening to This American Life archives and copying my psych notes over into my Willow-like colored pen system should be a fun way to spend a Saturday. Emily would make it sound glamorous and collegiate. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but something isn't right here.


Emily said...

Maybe you should just go through the archives of my undergraduate blog and follow them like a recipe for awesome. Like I do with Laurie Colwin books.

Greg said...

Ah, SUNY. How red-brick thou art, and stuck in the ever-pending damp of upstate autumn.

The library may have study carrells, which are a great way to get out of the dorm. Bring the iPod or a radio.

Or, study a map of the area and find some nearby semi-wilderness park to explore a little. Bring food for the squirrels.

lily said...

whatever you do, make sure it doesn't involve more hives.
hey emily, you didn't keep a blog in high school, did you? I need a recipe for survival. and however else things went for you at Sem, you at least survived.

Emily said...

I had a livejournal for the last bits of highschool.

TCA said...

How is the Rugby? How about some weekend camping or hiking stuff? I'm sure there are interesting places to explore and there must be SOME people there who want to explore them. Have they got any organized trips to Lechworth State Park? It's a glory any time and probably even better at this time of year.
And then, of course, you could always just drift over to the undoubtedly excellent tennis courts on campus (with a racket and balls scrounged from the Athletic Department if you don't have your own) and just see if there isn't some good looking young man willing to "hit" with you ...and not "on" you.