Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thanks Dad

Now I have Blue Oyster Cult stuck in my head. Just in case my life wasn't Long Island-y enough.


TCA said...

Did you know that the National Tennis Center where, presently, the US Tennis Open is being played, guessed it!...on Long Island.

Oysters grow on LI, too.

(I DO try to be relevent).

lily said...

hey, it could be much worse, pal. at least it isn't funk.

Bill said...

"....There goes Tokyo...."

Oh, and the National Tennis Center is in Queens. Queens is only geographically Long Island-- politically and spiritually it is New York.

Greg said...

Funny thing, but the Buffalo kids always complained about the LI kids when I was at SUNY.

Lou Reed was from Long Island; Ani Difranco is from Buffalo: who wins?

Bill said...

Ani. Anybody in Buffalo could tell you that. In any event, it is a false comparison. Lou Reed, who is from LI only nominally, produced his significant work as a New Yorker, and went to school in Syracuse. You want a LI rock band? Well, there's the Good Rats. And Twisted Sister.

The paradigm LI rocker is actually Billy Joel, and Billy Joel is okay.