Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm jealous

Chelsea's new double is sweet. I want a whole closet to myself, and shelves and a bowl of apples. I don't hate Jones the way a lot of people seem to, but it wouldn't really bother me if I was de-tripled out. I'd like to stay in this area if possible, but even that isn't a huge deal if my loving parents come to help me move the way Chelsea's did.
The previous post seems to be a typo. Oops.


Greg said...

The thing about triples that I remember - assuming we're talking about a third in a double, rather than a suite, wherein there's a double plus a single - is that natural attrition usually allows for some reconfiguration as the year progresses, i.e., someone in a double loses a roommate and someone in a triple gets to relocate.

Scout for the particularly homesick and make friends with their roomies.

Yeah, I know it's cynical.

TCA said...

If you do move, get your Rugby team to help you move.

Bill said...

When you de-triple, you can carry your stuff in a bindle. I will see you at Thanksgiving.