Sunday, September 30, 2007


I don't know how to do my homework, so I have to skip volunteering tomorrow and go see a TA. This is pretty frustrating because 1. I really wanted to volunteer (I'm going to be working in a nearby preschool). I've been looking forward to it since my TB test came back clean 2. I've known that I wouldn't be able to do my homework since we started this unit, but I kept putting off getting help 3. I won't be able to start volunteering next week because of Fall Break, so it'll be another two weeks before I get to start. I could have gone and seen the TA after class, but I'm trying to put school first. I don't want to get into bad habits like turning homework in late. I want to get involved, but not so that I can't get my work done.
Logic is a lost cause for tonight, but as penance for being a bad student and volunteer I'm going to study psychology and not play on facebook or visit The Marine. (He's in Brodie playing piano and it is very tempting to go visit.) My music is going off, I'm closing my laptop and totally focusing on studying. I'm incredibly furious with myself, but maybe I'll learn something from this.


Greg said...

TB? I thought it was SUNY, not a Russian prison.

Greg said...

Oh, and you're not having trouble concentrating on homework because of any extracurricular activity-related sports incidents, are you? Let's be careful out there.

(Ooh, that's gonna get you in good with TCA, i'n'it?)