Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ms Kiefer

Last year in Theory of Knowledge we had to write these journal entries that related to the Ways of Knowing, or how our lives tied in with ToK. Everyone hated doing them, and would just pull random stuff out of the air, usually right before class. One day in desperation, not knowing what to write about, I wrote about college name recognition and snobbishness at City Honors. I was as guilty of this crime as anyone, and I still thought that what college you went to decided what kind of life you would have. I said in my journal entry that I really wanted to go to Geneseo (a lie), but was bothered by people's snooty attitudes about it (the truth). Ms Kiefer actually pulled me aside to encourage me to go to whatever school I liked, and not let other people's opinions bother me. She told me that Geneseo is an excellent school, and when I was accepted she sought me out to congratulate me. I always felt guilty for not telling her the truth, and I also felt like it might have been karma that landed me here. She was the type that would have pull with the Fates and intercede for me, trying to get me where I said I wanted to go.
I wish I had sent a card. I should have called, or kept in touch while I still could have. I hate that I can't join the facebook group. I'm having a lot of "Tuesdays With Morrie" guilt. She was one of the best teachers I've ever had, I should have told her that. I should have thanked her more often. She was such an amazing person, I'm lucky to have known her.


Emily said...

You know how I was so excited about seeing Lyle's golden syrup in the grocery store because Laurie Colwin wrote about it? Or how Wittgenstein sometimes visits me as I'm falling asleep, and gives me a hard time about my life choices, but only out of love? I always really hope that when I'm dead, people will still think of me for a long time afterwards. And since I'm going to be a teacher, possibly they will. That's one of my life goals: to be remembered when I'm dead. Ms Kiefer scored in that respect. All you City Honors alumni will remember her. That's pretty nice.

Bill said...

You were very lucky to have had her as a teacher-- she seems to have been an extraordinary person.

TCA said...

Please do send a note to Ms. kiefer. there are few gifts nicer for a teacher than an unsolicited testimonial.

Just address it to CHHS. It will get to her.

TCA said...

Your supermom e-mailed me to tell me about Ms. Kiefer's death after she read my post. A more careful reading of your tribute to Ms. Kiefer and I should have seen that you were mourning her death. I apologize for my insensitivity.

That's not to say that a note to CHHS would not still be a good idea. After all, the people who hired her and sustained her through her teaching career will take both some praise and comfort for themselves from such a sentiment.

As for me, I will say a prayer for Ms. kiefer who must truly have been quite wonderful. May she rest in peace.