Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I want to go camping

I'm too old to do SCA, and I don't really want to work on another chain gang...er trail crew,but I really want to go camping this summer. I want to go back to either the Cumberland Gap or the White Mountains and revisit my work sites, hike the old trails, and just show off these places that I really like. I already have the backpack, which, as Emily points out, commits me to a life of outdoorsy-ness. New Hampshire is closer, it's only like nine hours away, but I feel like the road trip element only sweetens the deal. Nicole and Chelsea are moving to camp the day classes let out, but I might make new friends. I'm joining the Outing club as soon as rugby ends, so maybe I'll make some nice hippie friends. I really want to go though, I'm scanning craigslist right now, looking for cheap tents.


Greg said...

Don't you need one that's winterized?

Bill said...

Did the example of Alexander Supertramp teach you nothing?