Friday, August 31, 2007

My first week

I've been at school for a week now. It has been ok, I've been homesick and bored and overwhelmed, but I've also had fun. I like most of my classes. I like my living situation, and even suggested the three of us do something all together like a living unit getting lost in space. I have some weekend plans, there's a foam party tonight that I'm going to. (What do you wear to a foam party?) I'm trying. I want this to work out. I figure if I make it through this weekend I'll be fine. There are things I miss about home of course, but I don't want to go home. Except maybe to do some laundry and have some decent juice.


lily said...

I suggested to Mum that perhaps a foam party was a particularly rowdy kind of party in which you could only use contraceptive foam, and she thought it would have lots of foam all over the floor. Now I'm all curious!

TCA said...

All my tennis (nag, nag, nag), buddies are dying to know what IS a foam party?

Does one go covered in whipped cream?

Does it refer to the foam on a head of beer? So much of college life seems to center around beer somehow.

Emily said...

I'm APPALLED that LCA is making jokes about contraceptive foam. APPALLED.

Greg said...

Egg whites. Sort of like tennis whites, but foamier.