Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've been playing rugby for the past three years, but suddenly, now that I'm faced with College Level Rugby I'm beginning to doubt myself. Practice last night was amazing, we ran drills, we practiced ball handling, it was fun. The captain seems great, all of the girls seem great. My only problem is the coach seems to think I'm too small to be a forward. I told him I play second row and he put his hand on my head and sort of laughed. I'm not that short! I can't be a back. There's nothing wrong with backs, lots of my friends are backs, but I'm a forward. Clearly this means I just have to work harder and dazzle him with my wicked mauling skills. Second row might not be in the cards, but I could hook maybe. Lee (the captain) says anyone can play flanker, so maybe I'll get to play there, but I definitely have a lot of training ahead of me.


Andrea said...

Not sure if you meant to say "defiantly" but hey, it conjures the right image. Ah, you rugby players...all defiance and determination. Scary.

Jonesing said...

hm...I don't see any error. clearly it never existed.

TCA said...

Tennis, tennis, tennis. (Nag, nag, nag).