Monday, August 27, 2007


Last night was convocation. We had had our "Into the Wild" book discussions earlier in the evening and I had been pleased about my group. It wasn't our orientation groups the way I thought it was going to be, it was a random mix. I knew a couple of people however, there were a couple of girls from orientation, and a boy from City Honors. No one especially wanted to talk about them book, and that aspect of the conversation broke down pretty quickly. It was a nice way to kill some time though, and I learned a little about the people in my group.
The lawn was a mob scene after we were let out. The entire freshman class was there, as well as some family members and upperclassmen. I found a seat between CWB's friend Grace and a boy that I knew from a CEPA photography workshop. As I waited for the program to start I turned in my seat, looking back into the crowd. I was surprised at how many familiar faces I saw. There were people from the book group, there was a cluster of CHS alum, I saw camp friends, and Adirondack Adventure people. It was amazing. Looking out at the lawn Geneseo seemed huge, but looking back at my classmates it seemed just right. The procession started, and the professors filed in wearing all of their academic regalia, and I knew that this could be home.

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