Thursday, November 6, 2008

My New Favorite Game

I finally got to read the Sunday Times today. I typically skim the actual news, but I love Modern Love and the wedding announcements. I like to see where people went to college, and it's one of my shallower ambitions to someday have a New York Times wedding announcement. It's just a fantasy, but I like it all the more when people who went to SUNY schools make the cut. I especially liked the piece about farm weddings that they featured last week, and it set me off planning my imaginary wedding. My lack of besties makes the game a little less fun, I want to talk about my plans, and get input on flower arrangements, and boys don't like this game. Clarence refused to play, and made me feel stupid for wanting to plan a fake wedding. (T*m Ke*ly once told me I made him feel small a lot of the time, and I didn't really get it, but Clarence does it all the time, so now I understand how unpleasant feels. It's making me more aware of how I act, so I don't do it by accident. I made the effort after Tom said it, and I feel like I'm at least better than I used to be.) Flowers are hard for me to visualize, especially because I don't know when things are in season, or how they'd smell together. Would a sunflower lavender bouquet work? I love lilacs, but I want a summer wedding, so they'd be over, and they wilt really fast. Gardenias are nice too though, they smell so pretty, and I really like tulips...clearly I'll need help when the real thing comes around.
I found some pretty cool places in Maine, farms, and also inns on the ocean. It's such a fun game, almost better than the Sims. Is there a wedding planning Sims, cuz there totally could be, it would sell. I figure for the menu I would do a choice of soul food, or traditional New England meal, because that would cover carnivores and vegetarians.
My SCA crew leader got married this past fall, which helped put weddings on my mind. I didn't know until I randomly clicked on her profile and saw that her status was "married". She had an outdoor wedding, and it looked like a lot of fun. I think weddings are kind of like adult proms, but I have higher expectations because I'm guaranteed a date at my wedding. Prom kind of sucked, and I'm not trying to recapture anything, because I didn't fit into the stereotype fun prom story. This would be a chance to be princess-y, but in a way that is tailored to me, with bluegrass and peach pie. It's a fun game for a Thursday night, if nothing else.


lily said...

My superwholesome friend Dana loves to play this game, but was schocked when I told her I've never cared about my wedding.
"When we were little girls, my sisters and I planned our funerals," I told her.
The look on her face was just priceless.

Emily said...

LCA: I don't really remember that.

I imagine my wedding a lot, too. Your wedding sounds like fun! But sunflowers do not belong in a bouquet.

I wish I got to go to more weddings. As in, any weddings at all ever.

Caroline said...

we would sometimes talk about our funeral songs, but we didn't go into details like flowers. we were pretty morbid kids though, hiding from nazis anyone?

Emily said...

All children are morbid. Grimm's fairy tales, anyone?