Friday, November 14, 2008

Crossing Over

Our rookies became new vets today, and we're all very proud of them. It was a fun day for everyone, the vets had a good time, but the rookies had fun too, and didn't feel hazed. We made tee shirts with their position, and they made us alternative name beads (I'm Poker Face, because I apparently don't show a lot of emotion. This is news to me, but Britteny confirmed it when I asked her. I don't know how to take this, so I'm going to appreciate it wasn't worse and move on. ), and we had all kinds of fun activities all afternoon and evening. There was an awesome obstacle course, and a scavenger hunt, and tv tag, and fish bowl races. We gave them their name beads and tee shirts at the end, and had a mini graffiti party. It's hard thinking of things to write, I need to be in the right head to be on the spot hilarious, and it had been a long day. I felt extra pressure to be cool on Emma's shirt, because I was the one to present her with her name, and in the process I accidentally awkwardly sounded like I was confessing a straight girl crush on her. ("We named you Femme Fatale because you're really hot...and you're tough. And you knock people's teeth out." So smooth.)
People sometimes say that they got as drunk as they did because they don't count their drinks. I had a similar issue today, except with candy. All the rookies had to bring candy to the initiation, and everyone was eating it, so I ate it. I think I had about pound of chocolate today. I feel like a third grader on Halloween, except guiltier. I also accidentally inhaled a peppermint patty shot. It's probably all in my head, but I feel like I can feel the schnapps in my lungs. It worries me.
Awkwardness, stomachaches and aspiration pneumonia aside though, it was a really fun day. I left the party sort of early because I'm tired and too full to dance around a sweltering basement, but I might head over to the IB later. We'll see.
I'm so glad I play rugby.


Greg said...

I thought you were Tux.

Caroline said...

nope, i got my friends to come up with something new cuz i hated tux