Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Am A Retarded Monkey Child

It's sad really. They say that math yields to brute force, but I'm here to tell you that just isn't true. I used enough math studying brute force to move a freaking planet in preparing for this test, but it just wasn't enough. The look on my professor's face was heartbreaking, that hopeful smile, as I handed in my intellectually fetid exam paper. I imagine him taking the tests home, working through the pile over the weekend, maybe at his kitchen table, coming to mine, and remembering how I went to talk to him, and the useless, well-meaning advice he gave me, and looking at my answers. And crying. I don't think he'll actually cry, but he's someone that loves stats so much he'll at least me offended at my presumptuousness to try to be a psychologist when by all rights I should be selling burgers and not wasting a spot at Geneseo or office of admission at Smith's time. I had thought I would feel better after the test was over, but I just want to run away from home.

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TCA said...

You MUST absolutely get over believing that you are stupid because math is hard for you. There are brilliant people who find reading almost impossible. Not being good at some things just does not mean someone is stupid.

You, my little pumkin, are definitely not stupid.

As for statistics, remember the old adage that "Figures lie and liers figure."