Monday, November 17, 2008

C'mon Get Happy

*I found someone on facebook that I knew from SCA and friended her, so maybe we'll get a chance to catch up a bit
*I finished a paper (draft) and the professor pushed the due date back, so I'll have time for him to give me feedback on it
*I made conversation with someone before class today (it's a big deal for me, I usually use that time for writing in my journal.)
*I just downloaded Tayler Swift's new album off of Ruckus, and it's really good
*Brittney and I are going to run to the Abbey on Thursday for practice and to see if I'm physically capable of doing it with Clarence on Sunday
*Elizabeth shared her pomegranate during "How I Met Your Mother"
*I scratched my "Angel" itch by watching all of season five in three days (shameful? yes, obviously, but it was sooo good. like eating a pint of ice cream)
*It snowed like it meant it today
*I'm going home in a little bit more than a week


Andrea said...

I just read an interesting paper on people making themselves happy. Sounds lik eyou could have written it. Oh wait...

Emily said...

Is Season 5 the one with Andrew? I would like to see that one. He becomes a Watcher, right?

Caroline said...

yeah, he's in two episodes. the actor that plays jayne is in it too, which i hadn't realized before.