Monday, April 7, 2008

I Feel Like Mr. Poe

It seems like I've had a cough all semester, I'm shocked Vicky hasn't killed me for keeping her up at night with my disgusting hacking. I'm not even getting good abs from all this, it's very annoying.
We had our first rugby tournament this past weekend. It was tremendous fun, and we even won a game. We lost two out of three, but at this point scoring a try is a huge victory for us. I also got my traditional, first rugby game of spring sunburn. I'm practically purple, and it hurts a lot. So now I'm Miss Sunscreen, I even put it on before going to class.
This week is going to be a big unfun, but I'm getting sort of sick of this semester, so every week is sort of a drag. I just want it to be summer already.
I'm going to the rugby boys' date party with Clarence this weekend. Probably. I've been invited to the date party four times now, and I've never gone before, so I'm not positive it'll ever pan out. I want to go, I bet we'd have a good time. At the same time, it might be a relief to not go and not have to see...people.


Andrea said...

Just go and have fun. Clarence sounds like a lot of fun, these are people you like and phooey on the rest.

TCA said...

Sunscreen REALLY is your friend. Nasty growths and wrinkles are not. And you don't know such things as they are lurking around until a number of years later so use the stuff and be glad they invented it!