Sunday, April 20, 2008

Upstates and Updates

We had our last rugby tournament of the year yesterday. We still have Alumni, but practice is over, and yesterday felt pretty final. I even put my ring and necklace back on today, for the first time in like a month. We'll have a fun practice sometime this week, and then Alumni, and then the senior banquet, but the season is pretty much over. Our seniors are graduating, Sully isn't even coming to Alumni, and then they'll be gone. I didn't get to know them well enough. We spent the night at Leigh's house on Friday, and I got to see her bedroom. You wouldn't think that she would have American Girl dolls, or a really big, nice doll house, or a lot of the same cds that I have, but she does. It's weird to think about.
The tournament was really fun. It was roasting hot, and we got slaughtered our first game because we were all mentally still in the car. We started getting it together for the second game, but we lost when the other team rallied during the second half. We were only guaranteed two games, so we left around one, which was somewhat frustrating. I got to play all of both games though, and once I got warmed up I felt happy with the way I played.
The boys' tournament is today, and almost all of them went. They had enough people to field two full sides with subs, so a lot of people get to play. The campus feels sort of depopulated with them gone, but I suspect that's just me.
They had an outdoor showing of "The Kite Runner" last night. It was good, but the subtitles were hard to read because they were the same color as the background most of the time. The book was better, but I enjoyed myself. Outdoor movies are nice, it felt very summer-y.
I can't wait for this upcoming weekend. This week in general should be pretty fun. Tuesday is GREAT day, so we don't have any classes. I'm going to stay up late on Monday and watch the meteor shower, then we're all going on a picnic on Tuesday. We'll have our fun practice, and then it will be Alumni, with whatever craziness that entails. I'm relieved I'm not drinking, it'll minimize the possibilities for badness. I don't want drama, I just want it to be fun.

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