Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alumni Weekend

Sometimes it's better to not be excited for things, because it's so easy for fantasy to put reality to shame. I thought Alumni Weekend would be way more fun than it really was. It wasn't bad, I had fun, but when when I was picturing what it would be like, I didn't consider things like bruised noses, or stomachaches or rain. Lots of people had a really great time, I had an ok time. The game was good, and I liked watching the boys' game, (it was great seeing Colin in action), but it wasn't anything to write home about really. I'm only posting about it because I was so vocal about my excitement. At the very least it was interesting. I was in the mood to let things happen, and so I was friendly and social, and I ended up at Denny's with Lord Licorice at three AM. It's interesting when things that should be uncomfortable aren't. It was awkward, but I feel like anyone could be friends with anyone else if they tried, and Licorice is a nice guy. It's sad, but I'm more comfortable with guys that I'm not attracted to, and so I'm more relaxed and likable. I'm a little young to give up just yet, but maybe the solution is to find someone I can be myself around, and then twenty-five years later realize that I've grown to love them. CWB told me the other day that she's pretty sure she'll be unhappy in life, and that if she gets married she'll probably get divorced. At the time I was appalled, and it's still depressing, but maybe it's just realistic. But then what's the point in having hope, or trying at anything?
If nothing else, Alumni Weekend made me realize that 1. boys are disgusting, and 2. even if I still like them, I do not want to date a rugger. I'd be better served getting a dog.
Mum is coming to visit and I'm excited.

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