Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh Weekends

I can't get the music from Les Miserables out of my head. This is serious. It's a vicious cycle, the songs get stuck in my head and so I play them, and then they're fresh in my mind. I've listened to "Do You Hear the People Sing?" at least twenty times this past week.
It's been a pretty eventful weekend. I had the (very beat) boy's rugby date party on Friday, and I saw two plays yesterday. The party was awkward and boring, but the plays were very good. I saw Forever Plaid in the morning, and then The Pillowman later in the evening. Forever Plaid was so good that I was sincerely tempted to see it again, there was another performance starting right after The Pillowman ended, and it's NARD's (a comedy/a capella group that I'm a big fan of) last show before they graduate. I probably should have gone, but I didn't want to go by myself, and I had to do laundry. Three plays in one day is too much anyway. Anyway, if I had really wanted to go I would have gone alone. I'm getting better about doing things on my own. I even went to brunch by myself today, which is a big deal. I normally wouldn't even think about sitting alone in the dining hall, it's embarrassing, but I brought a book, and it wasn't a big deal after all. Plus, there were biscuits, so it was totally worth it.
I think I'll go to the gym. I don't have anything to do, and I feel like I'm less active now that I have practice everyday. I don't know why, I work out two hours a day instead of one, but that's just how I feel.
I wish I had someone to live with next year.

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lily said...

i haven't seen Forever Plaid but i saw the christmas sequal, Plaid Tidings in 5th grade. it did sound good.