Saturday, September 13, 2008


When I was in middle school I liked to wear clothes that didn't fit me. I would wear my dad's shirts, and giant jeans (not baggy, just long and the wrong size). I was having a lot of body issues. I started puberty kind of young, and I felt fat, and I thought big clothes would cover me up and make me look small by comparison. I eventually got over it, but it took a long time, and I hate the pictures of me from that time. That said, I love this one skirt that EGA bought in China, precisely because it is big. It makes me look short, and I have to wear a belt or it will fall right off. I wore this skirt all the time over the summer, and I'm actually wearing it right now. I'm not sure why I like it, and it seems unlikely that I wear it because of body issues, because you can see my legs. I like wearing other people's clothes. My friend DS loaned and then gave me a pair of purple shorts and I love wearing them. I think I like them because I think of them as being imbued with DS's essence. Wearing her shorts makes me feel like I can take a different perspective, be more like her, and that's nice because she's such a glowy, cool person. It's a nice skirt too, it's broken in and comfortable, and I hate wearing shorts. Also because it's too big it looks pretty casual, so I can wear it around, even with my huge silver circle earrings, and not feel over-dressed.


Emily said...

I wore that skirt almost every day in Beijing. I really would like a decent jeans skirt or some kind of casual skirt, because I also hate shorts. Unfortunately there is nowhere to buy clothes out here.

lily said...

Yesterday, Mum and I went to Amvets and got a bunch of plaid and pleated skirts, because I'm going to rock the Catholic schoolgirl look. I like wearing them, but it's almost impossible to find the right length of skirt that makes you look neither sleazy nor frumpy.