Monday, September 8, 2008

My My My It's A Beautiful World

Today is one of those nice days, when you feel like you're going to be fine, and it isn't worth getting bothered about the small stuff. I forgot my wallet in my room, and so I was locked out and briefly unable to buy a new Nalgene, but it was such a passing inconvenience, it seems so weird that any other day it would bother me a whole lot.
I always try to end things with people on a high note. It doesn't always work, and I think that's maybe why I still talk to TK sometimes, we haven't gotten to the point where you hear their name and feel a brief, I don;t know, appreciation maybe, for what you had. I was still feeling sort of sad about the way things ended with Goose last year, cuz it was so abrupt, and I didn't really have his side of the story. For all I knew he hated me, and that weighed on my mind. I sent him a friendly little facebook message though, and I got a friendly message back from him today. So I can end that chapter, cuz now it's resolved. I don't think I wanted to get into things with him again, I just wanted it to be friendly, and not weird if I see him around campus.
I've been reading a lot of P.G. Wodehouse lately. I just finished "Carry on Jeeves" today actually. That, and all of the Colin Hay I've been listening to today are putting me in a great mood. I woke up on the right side of the bed, but initial good moods can be fleeting. A good book and free downloads of tons of corny-but-good music have me right where I want to be mood-wise.

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TCA said...

The "Old Folks" don't do downloads but we DID get a nice flat screen tv the other day which plays lovely music on various channels. We can hear Broadway Show Tunes on one, Jazz and Blues on another,Big Band and Singers and Standards. GP puts it on for quite a bit of the day, especially when he's working on projects around the house.
It's low tech but just right for us.