Sunday, September 14, 2008

On Friendship

Lately I've been wondering if I'm more attentive to friends in need then they are to me because I have less of a life, and so it isn't any bother, or because I'm more willing to put their problems ahead of my pleasures. If I had a friend in my situation, existential crisis-ing and whatnot, I would rally 'round, with advice, and reassurances of their personal value and help them through it. I took long walks all around Geneseo with a friend that was having difficulties last year, and was just There, in a way that my friends aren't for me. But maybe that's because they have jobs, and boyfriends and other things going on, and it can be very boring listening to someone in a crisis. I'm surprised I don't mind more, but it's almost reassuring, that these bonds are so fragile, and I can break free. I could just drift away from some friends, completely unnoticed. I do have nice friends too, it's very gratifying to know that rugby girls actually like me, even when I'm not on the team.
On a happier note: Happy Birthday to LCA!

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