Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Probably Not Worth It

D. is watching some Jerry Springer-esque daytime tv show, and it's kind of annoying. And by kind of I mean excruciatingly so. I don't even think she's watching, it's just on in the background. She's in and out of the room, she's IMing, I'm pretty sure she isn't paying attention to the tv, but I've already asked her to turn the tv off before, and I don't want to be the tv Nazi. It's so bad though. I really wish we didn't have a tv in the room.


Emily said...

Been there. TV in the room is the worst. Maybe you should get a nice library carrel, that's always nice.

lily said...

I'll tell you what's not worth it, sister o' mine: repeating last year. Even though you resolved not to do that. I definitely remember, and out of pure concern for your mental and physical well-being, I've gotta say: don't.