Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I really want to be Kaylee from "Firefly" for Halloween. My friend DS expressed interest in a "Firefly" group costume, and I bet EH would be down too. Where do you get coveralls?
I always say that I don't get too into Halloween, but I do when I like my costume idea. I liked my hooker costume last year, and my badger/skunk costume a few years ago was good. Elphaba was tricky, the paint was really itchy, but it was a big hit, so that was satisfying. Really though, I feel like the peak of my Halloween life was that ninja costume I had in like third grade. I'll never top that. I hope there are pictures, it was a great costume.
I don't have Halloween plans, but I'm sure something will turn up. There will probably be a rugby thing, but I'd like to go out with my crew members if possible. It would be silly to have a group costume and then not hang out.
I went to the Study Abroad fair today, and it turns out the New Zealand program is only in the Spring. That's all well and good for rugby, but it's going to suck having the year and a half of winter. It'll be like Narnia, which I guess is fitting, as I think the Narnia movies are filmed in New Zealand. At least I'll get a lot of snowboarding in.


Greg said...

I don't know about Narnia, but the LOTR movies were shot in NZ. As for coveralls, yer parentals and I did Ghostbusters one year, and I got disposables from an industrial supply shop. That might be harder to find in Geneseo than NYC, but Buffalo's probably got a couple. Of course, from what I remember of Firefly, you probably need grey, and fabric. Ours were nylon-reinforced paper and white.

Meanwhile, if you hurry, you could come to Rugby League World Cup and have more summer instead.

Emily said...

I might be going to New Zealand next year, too! VUW is on my list.

Bill said...

I hear it is a filthy island, teeming with hobbits. Also, Auckland is at the other end from Wellington, although they are on the same island.

The Auckland Marathon is in October.