Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Times

I'm having such a good week. I know it's only Tuesday, but things are going so well. I got a big box of make ups in the mail today, just in time for my friend Paige's birthday party tonight. It should be fun, especially since now I have purple eye shimmer and all these new lip glosses and toners. I'm going to experiment, and have a good time getting ready. I sometimes like to do things that I would have enjoyed when I was in middle school, it makes me feel like I've grown up a lot, even though that doesn't make very much sense. I painted my finger and toenails blue yesterday, and I think it looks pretty cool. It isn't a sophisticated look, but it's fun.
I had a very nice conversation with my friend Elizabeth today. We don't typically plan time to hang out, but we run into each other all the time in the library or the bathroom and get to talking, and then two hours have gone by. We talked a lot about our apartment for next year, even though we won't be living there at the same time. We're both very excited, but also frustrated that we have to wait so long to move in. Elizabeth also commented on how it's disappointing that we won't be housemates, so she won't get to eat my cooking experiments. We decided that the solution is to live together senior year, which is good, because by then I'll have experience, and the things I make will have a better chance of being delicious.
I finally talked to my noisy neighbors last night. It was 11:30, and I was trying to study, and the girl next door's irritating boyfriend Tarzan yelled, and it was just the last straw. I was very nervous about confronting them, but I figured an RA wouldn't intervene until I asked them to stop myself, so I did it. They were quiet for the rest of the night too, so my fingers are crossed that the problem is solved. I love it when the obvious solution is the right one.
I have my phone interview tonight. I'm nervous, but I feel like it'll be ok. Things are looking good, so I don't feel the same pressure, where my life will be ruined forever if I don't get into Smith. I have somewhere to live, I have at least...three good friends, I'm ok. I still want to go, but it's less pressing. It would be for the better education, not to escape Geneseo.
The girls rugby team is having a date party in mid-November, and I've decided to not go. It's pretty far in the future, but I'm pleased with myself for making this decision, so I'm telling lots of people. Date parties always spell trouble. I may go totally over the top and volunteer at Teresa House that night instead.
I've decided to make a quilt. I decided around the time my friends and I decided to live off-campus, it seems very homey. I don't have a lot of experience sewing, but I got a big kick out of sewing the patches onto my coveralls and rugby shorts. I'm thinking about all the various patterns described in Alias Grace, but I think I want to at least try this pattern that I found when I Googled "Amish Quilt Patterns". I think it's really cool. I don't know when I'm going to start making this quilt, but I thought it might happen when I'm home for Thanksgiving and can get to a fabric store. I also want to try making bread, especially challah. I haven't had challah in ages, and I've been craving it.


Emily said...

That quilt pattern is hardcore. I really want to start a new, more organized quilt, but I can't until I finish my current one, which as everyone knows will NEVER HAPPEN.

Andrea said...

Hey, mine took many years but ultimately did get finished. It can happen. The pattern you picked is very cool but challenging.