Thursday, October 30, 2008

And the Hits Keep Coming

I'm having such a great week. It started out strong, and it just never faltered. A prime example of this awesomeness: there were COWS on the quad today. There was also free milk, but I don't really drink milk, so I just patted and milked the cows. I don't remember ever milking a cow before today, so it was super thrilling. I think I took to it pretty naturally, it's something I'd be down for doing several times a day, every day. Cows probably aren't allowed in my apartment complex, but maybe someday I'll have one. It's been a longtime dream of mine.
After petting the cows I went to lunch with my friends at the Big Tree Inn. I don't have a lot of money on my meal plan, and I'll be having peanut butter sandwiches for dinner for awhile, but it was worth it. It was nice to get off campus for a bit, and talk to my friends. Chelsea, Dana, Nicole, Grace, Mari, Clarence and I all have the 12:30-2:10 free every Thursday, so we always try to meet for lunch to catch up with each other. It wasn't the whole crowd today, just Grace, Dana, Nicole and me, but it was nice. Maybe nicer than having everyone, because the conversation was more focused and we didn't break up into separate conversations. I like the whole family meal thing, but maybe not in a restaurant.
I'm mailing my application tomorrow. It's a little scary, but not really. The worst is over, even if I get rejected, it probably won't be as bad as having to tell my professors I want to transfer. Walt is taking it very seriously, we're meeting after class to talk about what he should say in the midterm report. It isn't a recommendation, it's a space for a grade, his signature and email address, and a box for optional comments, but he doesn't want to just jot something down. I can't decide if I appreciate this or not. It's a very Walt way to be, he's always willing to take time for students, but I don't necessarily want to take two hours on a Friday to talk about a test when I'm not getting points back, or a tiny box on a form. It's just another lesson I guess, I know his time is valuable, but he's willing to share it and do this for me, so I should appreciate it and try to do the same.
Tonight is a study night. I have an Adolescent Development test tomorrow, so I'm just going to stay in and work. It's good though, I'm going to go to the gym, and work, and watch Thursday tv, I'm looking forward to it.
Tomorrow is Halloween, and I'm going to dress up like Kaylee and share the cookies that Aunt Grace sent me. Life is good.


Andrea said...

Why mail instead of email? I thought the online thing was so popular with you young'uns?

Greg said...

COWS? Coalition of the Willing Soldiers? Oh, cows.

Adolescent Development testing? But aren't you all growed up now? Oh, a test on the topic of.