Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer Days

Finals suck. They're stressful, and people are tense, and no one appreciates that it's the end of the year, and seniors are graduating, and it's beautiful out because they're cloistered in the library. I'm not someone that is going to get into hijinks over the summer, and I'm done partying for the semester, but it feels wasteful that I'm staying in to study while people are celebrating. There have been parties, and fireworks, and slip 'n slides, but I've been staying in and working. I was even going to skip the final girls' rugby bash today, even though it was a dry event, because I can't wrap my mind around fun during finals. I eventually decided to go, but I also decided to not have fun, so it wouldn't count. I wore jeans, and I brought a textbook, and I was only going to stay for half an hour, and then go to the library. I hung around the fringes for a little while, not going on the slip 'n slide or painting my face, but it's such a nice crowd, I got sucked in. We played lemonade pong, and squirted people with the hose, and the next thing I knew I was being corralled into jello wrestling. It did not look appealing, the jello was a mix of flavors, so it was sort of seaweedy muddy brown in color, but it smelled delicious. I was given play clothes, and I ended up kneeling in a kiddy pool trying to take out my friend Brittney. She killed me, but she's bigger than I am, and she ended up coming in second overall, so I didn't mind. It was an Experience. I had jello all over, in my eyelashes, in my ears, and I was completely slimy, until I was completely sticky that is. I'm so glad I went today. It was one of those days that just feels Good, like now all I want is to listen to Damien Rice while my hair dries from my shower. There was pizza at the party, so I didn't have to use my meal plan, (I'm somehow almost out. I don't know how I'm so low this semester, I had a lot of extra at the end of fall semester.) and I also had an orange and an ice cream sandwich. I think I'll go to the library for a little while, and then I'll come back, maybe watch a Buffy, and then go to bed. I keep thinking it's Sunday, but it isn't, and every time I remember that it's like getting a present.

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lily said...

do you have any exams friday? i want to give you a call.