Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost Perfect, but...Not Quite

I got into the Honors Program today. It's another class with Professor Everett/Scott Oakley, and I get $2000 a year for every year I participate. It's a nice feather in my cap, I'm pretty excited that I got in.
Even though it's great that I got accepted into the program, I would almost rather have gotten straight A's. I was so sure I was going to, I was just waiting on Abnormal Psychology, and it felt like an A. But no, I got a B+. It wasn't meant to be this semester I guess. I was saying last night that it was ok that some of my A's (fine, most of my A's) were A-'s, it just gives me something to strive for next semester. Mostly A's isn't bad, I can deal with one B+ for the time being, but next semester I'm getting all A's. And I'm getting an A in my summer class. It's frustrating that every semester makes A's worth less, so it's harder to boost my GPA. There's nothing for me to do right now though, but celebrate my getting into the Honors Program. I'll sort everything else out later I guess.


Emily said...

Yay for you, getting into the honors program! That's awesome, kid!

Greg said...

Congratulations, but if you don't get straight A's, does that mean no kitty?