Friday, December 12, 2008


Goodbye Warthogs. Goodbye team mates and Colin and 'Daga field. Goodbye 58 Court St. and every ill-advised kiss and every five-hour or ten-month crush.
Goodbye Letchworth, and Red Jacket and MJ. Goodbye weekend brunch home fries and warm cookies on Thursdays.
Goodbye Holcomb, goodbye demonic three-year olds.
Goodbye Genessee Abbey and Monk Bread. Goodbye perfect five mile run route.
Goodbye Saint Mary's. Goodbye delightful African priest, and keeping an eye out for Sloan despite disliking him, and always trying (and failing) to catch his eye during the passing of the peace.
Goodbye leather chair in the quiet section of the library. Goodbye Sunday afternoons spent reading the Times in Books and Bytes.
Goodbye spur of the moment, hours-long conversations with Elizabeth in the bathroom and library.
Goodbye Mias, goodbye IB. Goodbye Wadsworth Library.
Goodbye hammy TA and people who have heard of, and appreciate NARD.
Goodbye Sturges bells.
Goodbye thumping heart every time I see Goose.
Goodbye "House" nights, and pomegranates eaten on Elizabeth's bed during "How I Met Your Mother".
Goodbye Teresa House and Invisible Children.
Goodbye beautiful friends. I hope it isn't actually goodbye for us.
Hello Smith.

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Dana said...

Congratulations!!! That is really exciting... sad for me, but oh well. Wow, that is amazing. I mean, not that amazing, not I-doubted-you-could-get-in amazing.

Good luck. I wish you the stars and the moon.

You smartie pants.