Friday, November 9, 2007


For all those people that scoff at the benefits of Camp Weona, I now have proof that it was a valuable networking experience. Wednesday night I was IMing Butter, when somehow the subject of his friend Paul came up. Because I am a facebook fiend, and because Paul goes to Geneseo, I friended him, assuming that would be the end of it, and I would be one facebook friend the richer. To my surprise, Paul and I began messaging, and hit it off, chatting for a couple hours. When the topic of registration came up, Paul (who is a senior and so gets to register super early) offered to hold classes for me. So, thanks to Butter, so thanks to Camp Weona, I now have the perfect schedule. (Monday/Wednesday/Friday next semester I have Stage Musicals, Child Development and Abnormal Psychology. Tuesday/Thursdays I have Reading as a Writer and Elementary German.) I also have the offer of rides back to Buffalo, and someone to go to the hockey game with tonight. I'm pretty jazzed. Camp Weona is now aces in my books.


lily said...

hey, since you have rides back to Buffalo, does that mean you can come see Children of Eden? It's actually kind of shaping up!
And you get to take a class in stage musicals?! Urggghhhh, I am sooooo jealous.

Bill said...

Camp Weona tried to kill you.