Sunday, November 11, 2007

In all my years of breeding rats...

So I was initiated yesterday. It wasn't that bad, it was pretty anti-climactic actually. There were wacky highlights, breaking into several off-campus houses and apartments looking for porn, dizzy bat races on a hill, toothpick lifesaver races, chubby bunnies, and getting our nicknames. My nickname is pretty stupid, and I'm disappointed. The one girl on the team that I really dislike picked it, and it isn't affectionate, she isn't laughing with me. I'm Canadian Tuxedo. It isn't the end of the world, I've already shortened it to Tux, but I wanted a cool nickname.
Afterwards there was a party and we christened our new pong table, then went to the IB where I got on as over thanks to Jesse's ID. Colin was working the door, but he let me in anyway which was very nice of him. I would have been surprised if he had blown me in, but I still appreciated it. M.A. wasn't there, which had been my entire motivation for going, but I had fun. Marie and I found various boys to dance with, one of whom had the worst breath I've ever smelled, and we stayed until closing.
And now I'm a vet. We're ordering jackets later, but I think I'll get "Caroline" on it instead of "Canadian Tuxedo."

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Greg said...

"one of whom", Tux. "Which" is for inanimate objects and non-humans.