Sunday, August 24, 2008

Frozen Plums

It's a million degrees in my dorm room, but that's ok, because I have discovered the best summer cool-down treat ever. Frozen plums. Tangy, crisp, they make your teeth tingle, it's amazing. Frozen plums, they're going to be big, tell your friends.
Classes and practice start tomorrow. I somehow arranged my schedule so that I never have class before 9:30, and I'll still be out with plenty of time to get to practice. I'm pretty excited, although I'm extra nervous about stats since I don't have a calculator. I'll work something out, maybe some kind soul could find mine in the house and mail it to me? (please?)
I had dinner with my friends last night and then went to a very chill rugby party. Girls only, there were never more than twenty people in the apartment, and we watched the Olympics and talked about books. Not everyone is ready to go pro, so I'm less freaked out about this season, although practices are going to be intense.
I'm happy. I'm working on my papers. F. is fine, and seems to be settling in ok.

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